Health Records

iPhone users can take advantage of the features of Apple’s Health app to receive Electronic Health Record (EHR) data from their care providers. Health Records is Apple’s implementation of the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) API that allows for patient-authorized communication with institutional EHR systems. As a patient-facing application, this feature allows for the aggregation of medical records from multiple care providers in a single data store, a significant advancement in medical informatics and the result of considerable government and industry collaboration and cooperation.

Once a user subscribes to the service through their provider’s patient portal using the Health app, historical and prospective data is delivered to the device continuously. Other apps can request permission to access those data streams using the HealthKit API. Investigators using our platform can call for access with commands in REDCap field annotations:


Since these records will be collected and uploaded continuously, the REDCap Event containing Data Collection Instruments with commands calling for access must be configured as Repeating Events and have a properly configured Custom Event in the Investigator Dashboard.

Access to seven domains must be requested separately:
a)    Allergy
b)    Medication
c)    Condition
d)    Immunization
e)    Lab Result
f)    Procedure
g)    Vital Sign