Investigator Tutorials

Introduction to status/post (5:20)

The following ~70 minutes of videos goes through the process of creating a study from start to finish, and ends with a demo of the study on the iPhone. 


Creating Your REDCap Project and Requesting API Access(4:27)
Data Collection Instruments (13:20)
Branching Logic (4:27)
Setup Instrument Revisited (3:13)
Investigator Provided Data (4:43)
Events (5:03)
Hidden Fields (6:04)
Advanced Branching Logic (5:54)
Active Tasks (4:05)


Logging In (3:00)
Create Your Study (3:26)
Complete Your Study(4:28)
Add Participants (4:10)
Participant Downloads status/post(0:45)
Initializing Participant iPhone and Demo (3:13)