System Diagram

A - Study protocol authored in REDCap. B - Participant downloads app from iTunes. C - CloudKit generates unique identifier for user, and instructions for app to connect to REDCap project. D - App downloads study protocol from REDCap. E - Participant provides permission to download clinical data from health care providers using FHIR interface provided by Apple Health Records. F - Participant provides permission to collect data from peripheral consumer health devices, including the Apple Watch. G - Participant begins providing responses to scheduled and ad-hoc surveys while sensor and clinical data is continuously collected passively. H - Collected data is uploaded to REDCap. I - Collected data is also uploaded to Microsoft Azure Event Hubs. J - Collected data is pulled into Azure Databricks by subscription to Event Hubs. K - Data is transformed in Apache Spark (Databricks) for optimal input to advanced analytics pipelines, and de-identification of FHIR data before saving to delta lake persistent storage. L - Reports delivered to local VM. M - Data flows to Microsoft Teams for colloration among investigators or care providers. N - Messaging to participant about study community and other retention activities.